Axl Rose appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for his first live TV interview in two decades. The “Appetite for Destruction” rocker answered questions submitted by fans via Twitter, which included such hard-hitting topics as, “Do you regret your corn rows from the nineties?” For the record, he doesn’t.

When asked which candidate will get his vote for president, Rose at first hedges a bit, explaining he doesn’t often vote because his state tends to produce a landslide result in presidential elections. “I’m in California, and it usually leans democratic,” says Rose. “And that’s usually where I’m leaning anyway.”

After Jimmy Kimmel jokes, “This would make a great Rock the Vote commercial,” Rose clarifies that if he were to vote, it would be for Barack Obama.

Guns N’ Roses plays a twelve-date residency in Las Vegas, beginning October 31.

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