“The Baby Bachelor” isn’t the first parody of “The Bachelor” out there. But it is definitely the cutest.

The fake show premiered last Thursday (May 16) and immediately became one of the funnier (and totally the most adorable) sketch ever given to us by “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Starring Jimmy Kimmel‘s nephew, Wesley, as a love-seeking young gentleman, this parody keeps to all of the standards the “Bachelor” and similar shows have brought.

There are fights. There are “bad girls.” There are tears. It’s just way more entertaining when all of this comes from toddlers.

While the first episode introduced Wesley and his ladies, the second episode gets to know everyone better with a group date. What important things to we learn?

  • Khloe is a biter and she eats paste.
  • Eva is a tattle-tale. But not a tattle-pail.
  • Ava is already in love with Wesley.
  • Jesse is not there to make friends.
  • Tesla is confident in her beauty and her chances for winning.
  • Ashley, the Big Girl, is not above getting Wesley cookies from the upper shelves.
  • Naptime is not an excuse to miss the Dinosaur Ceremony.

Ah, the Dinosaur Ceremony, where Wesley must make his choice from among the four ladies left standing (and conscious). It’s a tough choice, but Wesley eventually picks Gabrielle and bad-girl Jesse to accept his dinosaurs.

But which will be his Baby Bride?

In case you need or want to see where the young love all began, here’s the first episode of “The Baby Bachelor.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown