. They’ve finished with the infants, and while the other groups the teens are going to have to take care of can do more for themselves, they can also do more to hurt our couples. I kind of like that, so many of the teen couples so richly deserve everything that’s coming to them.

The good stuff started early tonight, with two couples each receiving two kids and Kelsey and Sean getting the older brother of the infant that Kelsey had done so poorly with. Plus, Jordan and Sasha’s toddler, Luke, started crying as soon as his mom left. At least that meant we got to see Jordan and Sasha on the show this week, because last week they were almost completely absent.

In the end, apparently Luke was tired and he fell asleep in Sasha’s arms. Sasha then calmly explained to Jordan that he was going to have to relax, that it was only three days and they could make it through them (pretty much she was saying it wasn’t going to be that bad). It was the kind of sentiment that we all knew she’d soon regret, and boy did she ever.

Daton and Morgan, you remember, the couple that was going to break up until they realized they could be on television, they showed again why they shouldn’t be a couple early on this week. A trip to the store to buy stuff for one of their two toddlers’ birthdays devolved into a fight. It was a little unclear what the fight was really about, Morgan seemed to want to buy frozen food and Daton didn’t want his hard-earned money spent on frivolities or some such nonsense. They should totally have just had Kelly and Austin buy everything for them, because they ended up moving their party to Kelly and Austin’s house anyway.

Apparently, there were some wasps in Daton and Morgan’s backyard, and that is why the party moved, but Kelly seemed to think she didn’t have any say in what was going on. It’s possible she didn’t, Morgan did seem as incompetent with toddlers this week as Alicea did with infants last week. When one of Morgan’s charges pooped in his diaper, Morgan changed it, but without wiping him. Yup, she took off a poop filled diaper, didn’t clean the poop out of all the nooks and crannies (and I promise you, there are nooks and crannies that poop gets into), and slapped a new diaper on him. Kelly thought that there should have been parent intervention at that point, and she was absolutely right.

Kelly was also right that she and Austin ought to at least have had a discussion about which of them would be going to work the next day. Austin didn’t want to hear any of it, he wanted what he described as a "traditional Southern" household, where the man goes to work and the woman stays home. I’m not going to enter into a discussion of whether that’s the right thing for a child or not, that’s one of those issues that every family has to come up with their own answer for, but it should at least have been talked about, that’s not a "put your foot down" thing.

As right as Kelly was about the need to discuss who would be working, she was even more wrong when she left her toddlers unattended. She went next door to complain to Cory about Austin while Austin was taking a shower and the kids were awake and playing. The nanny actually had to step in and watch the kids. That does mean that the kids were probably safer than they had been the whole rest of the day, but Kelly still shouldn’t have done it.

Bedtime the first night didn’t seem to go too badly, there was peeing on the sofa at Daton and Morgan’s, Sasha and Jordan couldn’t get Luke to bed, and Alicea and Cory’s kid wanted to go home, but it all worked out. Daton threw the dirty couch cushion on the floor (and in my mind left there overnight), Luke eventually wore himself out, and Alicea’s maternal side took over and she was able to soothe her ward to sleep. I don’t take back what I said about her last week, but she did a good thing tonight. She broke down and cried the next morning, but that night, when she was needed, she did what was necessary.

Kelly ended up going to work the next day and magically, at that point, there was only 1 day 6 hours left of their time with the toddlers despite the fact that the morning before (24 hours previously) they still had 3 full days to go. During the previous evening we even saw a graphic saying 2 days 17 hours left, and I doubt those toddlers all slept for 24 plus hours, but that’s what the graphic indicated before Kelly went off to work. Sasha also ended up at work the next day and seemed to truly enjoy it while, for his part, Jordan did really well with Luke.

All the couples got to take their kids out for dinner that night. Four of the couples seemed to have no issues whatsoever, but Sasha couldn’t deal with Luke’s upset at the restaurant, which probably made Luke act much worse. Sasha, who had been telling Jordan (and us) at the beginning of the episode that it was going to be fine and that she’d taken care of lots of kids before, lost it. She cried and cried and was ready to throw in the towel.

During the parent evaluations, mom expressed her upset with Sasha and Jordan. Sasha tried to explain to mom that it was Luke’s fault, not her own parenting skills/style. The argument didn’t fly and Sasha totally lost her cool, she started directing several words to mom that had to be bleeped out. Jordan was smart enough to usher Sasha out of the room and after mom left Sasha started packing her bag to go home too. We’ll find out next week if she really quits, but I’m going to say that she doesn’t.

Odds and ends:

  • Kelsey had a lot of trouble with her toddler peeing and pooping in his pants, but by the end of the episode had him use the potty once. Good for her!
  • I love that during the evaluation the mom and dad of Kelly and Austin’s toddlers told the teens that they did a great job. Apparently mom and dad are totally cool with no one watching their kids. No wonder they let their children be taken care of by teens for three days.
  • Question of the week — does Sasha quit and go home?

You know, I feel the exact same this week as I did last week at this time — I need to go give my daughter a big old hug (hopefully she hasn’t pooped everywhere). While I do that, you go read The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews.

Posted by:Josh Lasser