This is only funny because it appears that, other than a bit of a scare, the child involved was unscathed.

Yes, a baby in Montreal was innocently playing in the grass at the park when a giant Golden eagle swooped out of the sky, picked it up by its coat, and attempted to carry it away from its father… who didn’t exactly seem to be watching his kid like a hawk. Our favorite part is the father yelling “Hey, hey! Stop!” as if the eagle is an English-speaking kidnapper.

Most eagles in Montreal speak French, dude.

Luckily, this didn’t devolve into a dingo-ate-my-baby situation. The eagle only carried the baby a few feet — without getting very high at all — before giving up and plopping it back on the ground. A nearby bird-watcher caught the whole ordeal on camera, from the eagle’s triumphant soaring arc to the baby’s nervous crying afterward. Then, some truly brilliant soul put it all in slow motion and set it to music for our YouTube-viewing delight.

Hat tip to Gawker for pointing out the incredible video.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie