Let us just save you the time of commenting. Yes, it’s a slow news day. And, whatever. When we’re working on the weekend, we need a laugh, too.
May we present the short film, “Baby Trashes Bar in Las Palmas,” as curated by Joel McHale, the star of NBC’s “Community,” via a tweet:
“I have to thank @RashisTVUgly (Jim Rash/Dean Pelton) for emailing the “Baby Trashes Bar in Las Palmas” video. It changed my life. Thank U!”
So, upon further investigation, we discovered that this short film is actually a trailer for a feature length film. Hey, stranger things have happened in the entertainment world. “SuperBabies” has a sequel, people!
This video is actually pretty hilarious. It won the short film and audience awards at the Gothenburg International Film Festival at Startsladden. Swedish filmmaker Johannes Nyholm describes his film as “a middle-aged lady on a holiday in the sun tries to make new friends and have a good time.”

So, enjoy! Joel McHale did. What other validation do you need?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog