brad womack emily maynard chris harrison abc 'Bachelor' Brad Womack, Emily Maynard break up? Chris Harrison has 'heard the same rumors'Having been out of the country for the past month taping “The Bachelorette,” host Chris Harrison claims no knowledge of the current status of Brad Womack and Emily Maynard, the most recent “Bachelor” couple whose romance has crashed and burned for good according to magazine items of the past week.

“Being a friend, Brad actually has exchanged some e-mails with me,” Harrison reports. “The last I’d heard, they were doing good, then her mom spoke up and said they were having trouble. I’ve heard the same rumors, that they’re broken up or that they’re trying to make it work or whatever.

“I don’t know that she’s bound by anything to not talk,” adds Harrison. “Since the day they got off that ‘After the Final Rose’ special, they’ve been trying to work on it privately. Once you announce something, it’s real and it’s public and you have to deal with the consequences. I think they’ve learned the lesson, ‘Let’s figure out exactly what we are, then we’ll come clean with it.’ And it should come from them, not from me or producers or whoever. When they’re ready, they’ll say something.”

At whatever stage Brad may be with Emily now, Harrison says not to expect him to be “The Bachelor” a third time. “I think everyone gave him a long leash to come back and do [his second] one. There were a lot of measures we took to convince our fans that he deserved a second chance, and I don’t think he has it in him — nor do we — to justify a third go-round. I just don’t think it would work.”

ABC launches the seventh season of “The Bachelorette” Monday, May 23 — with Ashley Hebert, of the past round of “The Bachelor,” doing the choosing.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin