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Click here for a link, courtesy of the Fort Wayne (Ind.) Journal-Gazette, to my syndicated feature story on the 13th season of ABC’s dating-reality show "The Bachelor," which premieres tonight. Yeah, kinda skeptical about this show. Read the story, and you’ll see why.

Not a big fan of dating shows, mostly because they usually feature a bunch of women scrambling over each other to attract the attention of one man. Call me old-fashioned, but that seems backwards — which may be why "The Bachelorette" has produced the franchise’s only marriage to date.

What guy wouldn’t pick at least one girl when he’s got 25 gorgeous women doing whatever they can to attract him? But the question is, once he picks the woman, will he keep her? According to executive producer Mike Fleiss, some of the "Bachelor" couples are still together, even if they haven’t exactly tied the knot.

"Depends how you define marriage," he said. "We have some couples that are still very much in love. They’ve been living together for years, but Ryan and Trista is the only one, although I think this new one had a good chance of being married."

We shall see, but what do you guys think? Do dating shows violate natural law, or do they have as good a chance as anything of producing true love? Pop poll time!

Posted by:Kate O'Hare