It was the non-“I love you” that reverberated around “Bachelor” nation when Juan Pablo Galavis refused to say those three little words to his chosen woman, Nikki Ferrell, on the “After the Final Rose” reunion special. Host Chris Harrison, who is normally a calm, cool and collected guy, got a little crazy in his haranguing of Galavis to show the audience who went on the journey with him just how he feels about Nikki.

Harrison now tells E! News that he wasn’t mad at Juan Pablo, he just thought the audience deserved to hear how Juan Pablo was feeling.

“The body language was there … but then the words that came out were different than what I was seeing,” says Harrison. ” … It didn’t bother me that he wasn’t going to say [‘I love you’]. But if you do love her, which I think he does, then let the people who have gone on this journey with you know that. For him to come out and give nothing — and I mean nothing — it was unsatisfying to her, it was unsatisfying to our fans, it was confusing.”

As for the “surprise” that Harrison kept teasing during the reunion special, he says he did not know at any point, and still doesn’t know, what the surprise was supposed to be.

“[Juan Pablo] told one of our ntework executives back in Saint Lucia, ‘Look, when we get to ‘After the Final Rose,’ I got a big surprise for you.’ And then he reiterated that [before the finale],” says Harrison. “So, naturally, we included that in the show and, naturally, as things have gone this season with him, it was a big dud.”

Meanwhile, former “Bachelor” Sean Lowe and his new bride Catherine Giudici also spoke with E! News about the finale and Lowe says that you do feel a pressure to propose when you’re a part of the show.

“You feel a little bit of pressure, only from the standpoint that you know people at home want that fairytale, you know the producers want that fairytale as well. But it’s my life, I was well aware I didn’t have to propose if I didn’t feel ready,” says Lowe.

He, Catherine and E! correspondent Ali Fedotowsky, also a former “Bachelor” cast member, all agree, however, that it wasn’t particularly fair of Harrison to try to force Juan Pablo to say “I love you” if he didn’t want to.

What do you think, “Bachelor” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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