bachelor cast 320 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka not enough for at least one bachelorette?Things are going to get pretty spicy on “The Bachelor” this spring on ABC.

We’ve screened the first episode of “The Bachelor,” which premieres Monday, Jan. 4. At the end of the episode, the show has its traditional 3-minute montage of “This season on ‘The Bachelor.'”

You know how every season of this show is billed as “the most dramatic Bachelor/Bachelorette yet?” This one might actually live up to that moniker, as apparently one of the women is discovered to be having a “sexual relationship” with someone else in the Bachelor Mansion.

So many questions!!! Is it another bachelorette? That would be cah-razy! If it’s not, then who could she be having a relationship with? A crew member? Wouldn’t be the first time.

On the first season of “The Real World” (yes, we are SO old that we remember the first “Real World”), housemate Becky started dating one of the directors from the control room, Bill Richmond. That instituted the rule that crew members cannot interact socially with housemates.

We’re so pumped for the latest installment of “The Bachelor.” This one really does look to be full of intrigue and drama. Look for a series of posts over the next week on The Crazy Bachelorettes, The Desperate Bachelorettes and Our Early Favorites.

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