“Bachelor” Jake Pavelka proposed to Vienna Girardi on the season finale. Find how the couple is doing since the show wrapped three months ago.

vienna girardi jake pavelka big 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka on Vienna Girardi: 'I want to chase her down the beach naked'
On the way Vienna was portrayed on the show

Vienna: Watching it back was very difficult for me. There wasn’t one particular thing the girls didn’t like about me, they just didn’t like me … I feel that everyone’s personalities are very amplified when
watching it, so when you see something happen, it did happen that way
but it’s more dramatic when you’re watching it on television. I may have
been portrayed as villainous, but I didn’t show any villainous qualities.
I’m not that way at all.

Jake: Vienna and Tenley were the only two women in the entire season that didn’t trash-talk the other women and that was so greatly appreciated. Nobody ever told me exactly what Vienna was doing wrong. “Well, we just don’t like her. She’s not good for you.” “Well that’s great, tell me why.” … If there are particular reason,s that’s fine, I’ll listen to what you have to say, but the broad generalizations I wasn’t really interested in.

On Tenley

Vienna: Tenley is an absolutely incredible young woman and she and I will be lifelong friends. I knew going into this that Jake was going to fall for more than one woman, but I’m the one he fell in love with. I pray that she finds love.

Jake: Tenley’s going to marry a prince.

Vienna: She needs to find a real prince.

On Ali as the next Bachelorette

Vienna: I’m really excited for her.

The thing is you want is a
Bachelorette that will wear her emotions on her sleeve. She did so much
growing and maturing on “The Bachelor” and I think she’s going to be
amazing. I just know in my heart she’s going to find the man of her

On their plans now that Jake is on “Dancing with the Stars”

Jake: We had originally planned to move to Dallas as soon as [“The Bachelor”] was over. We had an opportunity come up —

Vienna: We couldn’t say no to it.

Jake: The opportunity of a lifetime, so we’re going to temporarily reside in Los Angeles, but once I’m off the show–

Vienna: Or he wins!

Jake: We’re gonna go back to Dallas.

On their future wedding

Jake: We are officially engaged, it wasn’t for TV or for show. However, it was an accelerated journey … We don’t have a date yet, but we want to get all the little moments that build a relationship. We’re engaged, but we haven’t seen our first movie yet! We have a lot of catch-up to do but I could marry her right this minute.

On a possible televised wedding

Jake: I don’t think that we would’ve ever met each other had it not been for “The Bachelor.” … We look at ABC and Warner and definitely the people of “The Bachelor” as our family. We love them very deeply and couldn’t imagine proceeding in a wedding without having our great friends there. Whether they bring cameras, who knows? We’re stoked about Jason adn Molly, they’re going to be a long-lasting relationship.

Will they dance to “On the Wings of Love” at their wedding?

[After they both stop singing…]

Vienna: We’ll definitely dance to it at our wedding.

What have they been doing since the finale taped

Vienna: We finished filming about three months ago and Jake and I have been
able to see each other every other week for four or five days. We stay
in a beautiful house.

Jake: I felt like we were in the witness protection program, we had aliases, it was awesome … Like Vienna said, it’s every week, every two weeks and it’s just really
good times. No cameras, you’re by yourself, you have time to talk about
life and liberty and love.

Vienna: We’re really getting to know each other on a different level, but
we’re ready to get out in the real world and see a movie, have some

Jake: I want to date my fiance for awhile, I want to chase her down the
beach naked. Right now we’re in this puppy love phase … I’m just
trying to relish and solidify the next 60 years of our lives.

Vienna: We’re thinking at least a year or two [before getting married] and kids four or five years at
least. We want to do some traveling, have some time together first.

Jake: But you never know what’s going to happen by accident. [laughs] It would be a blessing.

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