bachelor pad finale cirque du soleil 'Bachelor Pad' finale: The Final Four revealed at the final challengeHere we are, the big finale to “Bachelor Pad 2.” Who are you rooting for to win the money? Surprisingly, I think I want Graham and Michelle to win. Their gaming of the Nearlywed Game last week was impressive. Speaking of which, I did finally do a recap (Erica should be locked up) if you want to read it.

I was on board with Kirk and Ella, but she won’t shut up about her damn kid plus she got all this crazy plastic surgery done after the show taped, which – I hope it was free or you kind of full of crap about doing everything for your son.


Chris informs them it’s Vegas, baby! Pack your bags! The couples are performing with Cirque du Soleil and being judged based on technical ability, showmanship, effort and chemistry as a couple. Kasey snots, “Vienna and I have the best chemistry here.” Oh, do you?

The last place couple is eliminated immediately. Yikes.

The couples are taught the routine on the ground. There are 50 seconds of choreography and 10 seconds of freestyle. Kasey has a “heart idea,” which presumably he will guard and protect until Vienna gives in to doing it in their routine. She is very unreceptive to the idea.

Michael gets in his harness on the wall and he’s a natural, he’s awesome. But with Michelle, it makes her feel nauseous. That’s no good. And with Kasey, he’s apparently “smart and witty,” so he’s going to be fine.

The Competition

The judges are Trista, Jason and Ali. Fun. I wonder if it’s weird for Ali that Kirk and Kasey are there – they were her season, right? Anyway, Michelle/Graham are up first. They do OK. Their choreographed part is pretty silly. I’m not sure they will win, but I don’t think they’ll go home.

Kirk/Ella are next. They are kind of a hot mess. Ella really does not seem to know what is going on. Third is Vienna/Kasey. Kasey’s talking-head pep talk is “I’m a survivor. I’m a dreamer. I’m a believer.” He is a walking platitude-a-day calendar. I don’t even LIKE Vienna and I’m like, “How can she put up with him?”

Unfortunately, these two are very in sync. They do the best job so far. Until Holly/Michael. They are impressively synchronized and Michael does some fancy tricks. Wow. Clearly, they win. I think Kirk/Ella have to go.

And then Michael/Holly do win and Kirk/Ella are eliminated. Ella immediately bursts into tears. Aww. She keeps apologizing to Kirk and saying she let him down, geez. I do feel bad for her, even if the son talk got a little old.

The Final Four

Michael/Holly get to pick who they take. Honestly, if they want to win – don’t the other contestants vote? I would take Vienna/Kasey because nobody likes them. Michelle/Graham are WAY too likable. To Vasey’s credit, that’s exactly the sell they give Michael/Holly on taking them.

After the talk with Michael/Holly, Vienna tells Kasey he needs a muzzle because he just won’t shut up sometimes and he goes off to pout. She was negative, even if she had a good point. She could’ve found a better way to say it. But Kasey doesn’t need to just stomp off in silence and go sit in a tunnel or wherever the hell he is.

When Michael/Holly talk to Graham/Michelle, they say it’s hard because they feel pretty confident they can beat Kasey/Vienna and they cannot beat Michelle/Graham. It’s a nice conversation – just very straight-forward and honest. Privately, Graham is super pissed about Michael cutting his throat at this point. He says it’s about money and obligation to your boy and blahblahblah. I wonder how this would go if Graham/Michelle had won the challenge, ya know? I’m just saying. When $250,000 is staring you in the face and you know you can beat one couple and not the other? Let’s not be ridiculous, Graham.

The Rose Ceremony

First off, what is up with Graham’s green marine sweater thing? Weird. Anyway, Michael and Holly talk about selfishness vs. selflessness and then they award the rose to … Graham/Michelle! NICE! Michelle collapses in tears, she’s so happy. Oh, that is wonderful. I like both Final Four couples a lot.

Also – HAHAHAHAHA, Kasey and Vienna! On his way out, Kasey snots that Graham/Michelle don’t deserve to be in the FInal Four. Um, they PWNED you last week, dude.

At this point, I don’t care who wins. I like them both.

So this was our recap of the Final Challenge segment. To keep reading about the live reunion, check out our second recap.

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