bachelor pad 3 'Bachelor Pad' recap: No Good Reid Goes UnpunishedReid’s worried that his failed power play may come back to haunt him. As usual, the machinations in this franchise are discussed in the hushed, solemn tones reserved for funeral services, which is all the more ridiculous when you realize the big tragedy is that Sarah regrets voting for Ed after ****ing him. Reid talks to Donna about how screwed he is, but since she’s not exactly a tactical genius I’m just going to assume he was blabbing at her because she was sitting down and he was standing up and could easily see down her dress.

Meanwhile, Ed is shocked that people are “flat-out lying” and he doesn’t think he can compete, and I’d argue that his raging alcoholism is a bigger detriment to his being able to do anything, and he’s so desperate that he’s talking to Jaclyn for advice. She is his partner, I realize, but that was because, you’ll remember, that no one else wanted her so she got saddled with the guy who drank ALL THE CHAMPAGNE the very first night.

At some point, I guess the next day, Harrison strolls in to tell them that the next competition isn’t at the mansion, which makes some of the idiots clap for some reason. Some sort of flatbed truck picks them up and we get to watch thrilling overhead shots of the truck driving while we listen to some of the contestants theorize about who’s going home next.

Anyway, the competition is an obstacle course, but it’s not even a good obstacle course like you might find on Wipeout, but a totally half-assed version that therefore suits this show really well.

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