bachelor-pad-3-spoilers-erica-rose-reality-steve-carbone-gi.jpgSpoilers for Season 3 of ABC’s “Bachelor Pad” mysteriously disappeared from Reality Steve’s website recently (though you can still read them here and here), and now Steve is breaking his silence on why they’re gone and the meaning behind all those vague tweets last month from show creator Mike Fleiss.

In July, shortly after spoiler guru Reality Steve (real name Steve Carbone) revealed that Emily Maynard had chosen Jef Holm as her final guy on this season of “The Bachelorette,” Fleiss took to Twitter with a string of comments that seemed to be directed toward Steve.

“Caught with a smoking gun… Next time, you should just shove the barrel in your mouth! Boom!!!” reads one of many tweets in Fleiss’ rant.

RS and Fleiss had battled it out — via their lawyers — over Steve’s spoiler posts earlier this year with “The Bachelor” producers ultimately dismissing their lawsuit against Steve in exchange for RS agreeing that he would not “‘initiate’ contact, directly or Indirectly, with any cast, crew, and/or other employees of the ‘Bachelor’ concerning any non-public details of the ‘Bachelor’ series.” 

Steve writes on Aug. 7: “When Mike Fleiss was cryptically tweeting three weeks ago seemingly referencing me and my site, and I said I didn’t know what he was talking about, I didn’t. But then on July 17th, I was informed by the lawyers for the production company of the “Bachelor” franchise that they believed a breach had occurred in the agreement I signed.”

He goes on to say, “I have received unsolicited communications with a lot people in the ‘Bachelor’ franchise. The producers know this, which is why they are on a witch hunt to get me. They HATE the fact that some of the their contestants like me and they seem to be doing anything they can to get them to turn on me. Well, one of them did. Her name is Erica Rose.”

RS explains that he and “Bachelor Pad” contestant Rose were friends for a year and had been in contact about things not associated with the how, but she allegedly turned over some out-of-context texts between herself and RS that obviously looked incriminating to the show’s attorneys.

Steve, as a result, had to take down the spoilers that he had posted about “Bachelor Pad” thus far — though he says it won’t interfere with him revealing the show’s winner, since that episode has yet to film — and pay a fine to avoid going into another legal battle with Fleiss and his attorneys.

Rose responds on Twitter, writing, “So in response to the whole @realitysteve drama. I was just doing what I needed to do to protect myseld [sic] legally. I wish that it did not have to happen because we were friends. It is unfortunate that we couldn’t keep our friendship and him seeking information seperate [sic].”

RS writes Thursday in response, “As for the other part about ‘legally protecting herself,’ well, that’s complete garbage.”

Posted by:Jennifer Harper