chris harrison the bachelorette 'Bachelor Pad's' Chris Harrison on the finale: Chris Bukowski's family 'disappointed' in his 'atrocious' behaviorChris Harrison, host of the “Bachelor” franchise of shows, spoke with the press Thursday (Sept. 6) about the finale of “Bachelor Pad,” airing Monday, Sept. 10 on ABC. He can’t reveal much, but he does tease some pretty great stuff from the reunion show.

On Chris Bukowski’s behavior on the show:

“We talk a lot about that in the finale. Obviously, he had to own up
to it and as the host, you have to ask that question. I’ll give a little
hint about what we talk about — his family was disappointed in him. I asked him about his
behavior, because it really was atrocious. He has heard from his family
and friends, everybody was really disappointed in him. I just hope it’s
one of those things where he learned from it, he’s a young guy. He’s a
really young man … I was very surprised [by how different Chris was from Emily’s season]. At one point, I wanted to
say, ‘You realize this is on television?'”

On what makes this finale “disturbing” rather than “dramatic”:

“It’s very different and we’re trying to figure out how do we say this is different than the garden-variety drama we bring every week. It is a very different event that happens that we’ve never seen before.”

On the Rachel/Michael confrontation:

“It’s unfortunate. You’re going to see the
fallout — Rachel definitely fell for Michael and he did not in return,
and she feels a little used and a little played and a little violated
and maybe rightfully so. I don’t know what went on behind closed doors
with those two, during or after the show … she’s pretty strong and
pretty adamant about her feelings and how he kind of played her. It was
very uncomfortable to sit there. Michael, who has come out of every situation smelling like a rose, may take a little heat for this.”

On Nick being in the finals and why he wasn’t edited into the season more:

“He really didn’t do anything! [laughs] He ate protein shakes and eggs and I
think he did a lot of push-ups. And that was about it. He didn’t have a
love interest, he didn’t have any battles. He didn’t win any challenges.
It’s not like he didn’t make friends, he got along with everybody, but
that was just it — he was this nice, good guy who just kind of hung
around … he really floated through, kind of under the radar, which may
be one of the smartest plays ever because he didn’t make waves one way
or the other.”

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