nick peterson rachel trueheart bachelor pad finale 'Bachelor Pad's' Nick Peterson: 'It's better that neither of us get it or I get it all'“Bachelor Pad” Season 3 had a very different finale from the previous two seasons, when the final couples split the money and everybody walked away relatively happy. Nick Peterson chose Keep, knowing pretty confidently his partner Rachel Trueheart chose Share, thereby awarding himself the full $250,000. He spoke with the press Tuesday (Sept. 11) about his decision.

On his relationship with Rachel now:

“We haven’t talked at all [since the finale]. Would I like to? Yeah, absolutely. But I figure I’d let it settle down a little bit for awhile. She’s going to be bombarded with a lot of questions, she’s going to stand up for herself for sure. She’s, I’m sure, not going to say nice things about me. I think I’ll let it slow down for a little while and then hopefully we can patch things up.”

On the plan to share the money:

“I honestly was going into it planning on sharing. My intentions were to share, we talked about it leading up to the finale. And then I saw the last two episodes before we filmed the finale, we got to see them, and I saw everything she said about me — she didn’t want to be my partner, she said she was backed into the partnership, she tried to get us voted off just so she could go see Michael. I didn’t know any of that was going on. I was completely invested in it and she wanted nothing to do with me. So I was like, you know what? I don’t owe her anything, she didn’t want to be my partner … at the last second I get to see these episodes and it’s like, ‘Really? I can’t believe you said those things.'”

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On making the decision in the moment:

“I had a very good idea that I wanted to keep [the money]. Of course, when the thing is put in front of you, the Share and Keep signs, you start to think maybe I should share and then you start to play mind games with yourself. I think the best move regardless would have been to keep it, so that’s what I went with. Because if she chose Keep as well, then neither of us get it. But if I choose Share and she chooses Keep, she gets all of it and I get none. So it’s better that neither of us get it or I get it all.”

On host Chris Harrison and the promos calling the finale “disturbing”:

“I don’t think the wording was right there. I think they were looking for a different word other than ‘the most dramatic.’ I don’t think it was disturbing, some people may … maybe they just don’t see my side of it.”

And Nick concludes, “Was it tough sitting next to her crying? Yes. But after the way she made me look and what she did to me, no, I didn’t really feel that bad.”

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