Erica_bachelor_rome_240Here’s one of the problems with looking for love on national television: false expectations.

At least half a dozen of the girls flown to Rome to vie for the affections of Prince Lorenzo Borghese utter some version of how they have always dreamed of living a fairy tale/marrying a prince/being a princess.

The operative word here is "girls." Because, you see, women stop dreaming of the prince around the same time they stop putting unicorn and rainbow stickers on their notebooks.

We would be much more impressed if one of them said she was in it for the free makeup.

Another problem is having a Bachelor who says he doesn’t "like girls who are forward." Because that makes for some boring TV.

Luckily, Lorenzo either is a bad judge of what’s "forward," or a producer took him aside and let him inn on the fact that it is in his (and the show’s) best interest to keep some potential drama queens in the mix.

He did get rid of Andrea (the hotel conceirge who serenaded him with an aria from a balcony), Heather (the 34-year-old nurse who can’t hold her wine), Rosella (who sold her car to pay for her wardrobe) and Elyse (the obnoxious physican who thought challenging him was the best route). Yet, somehow party girl Desiree, tiara-wearing Paris Hilton wannabe Erica and sneering Gina all managed to make the cut.

We’re also teased that in the weeks to come one of the girls becomes obsessed with our fair prince. See, Lorenzo, it’s those quiet ones you have to watch out for.

Posted by:Brill Bundy

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