bachelorette after the final rose 'Bachelorette: After the Final Rose': Ali Fedotowsky, Roberto Martinez engagedAll I can in advance of the show is — in the aftermath of the best “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” finale ever, I hope Chris doesn’t end up coming back all bitter, because he left Bora Bora looking pretty great.

Ali’s solo segment
Chris welcomes Ali to the stage. She immediately name-drops Roberto and shows off her beautiful ring. So Reality Steve got it wrong, huh? He claims Ali is single and didn’t pick anyone. Hmmm.

But first, we have to deal with the Frank nonsense. Ali reiterates that he had a relationship with Nicole that wasn’t over before he came on the show. Chris then has to tell Ali that Frank refused to come on the “After the Final Rose” special. Reality Steve got that one right.

Chris Time
There’s a video montage — on this show? Shocking, I know. It must be to fill the space Frank would’ve blathered on about loving two people. Back with Chris, he’s not angry at Ali at all. He knows she couldn’t control who she fell in love with and he’s very classy about the whole thing.

They bring out Ali and it’s definitely awkward between them, but they ask each other about being happy, which is nice. He asks what she learned from them as a couple during the show and she says he helped her learn a lot about what she’s looking for in someone and she cites their friendship and stuff. It’s a nice answer, but nothing earth-shattering.

We then see a video clip of Ali seeing the rainbow too in Tahiti — did we see that in the finale? I don’t think we did. That’s nice she remembered. They are just so nice to each other, I’m really glad Chris didn’t come back and be a jerk. Not that I thought he would because he’s too awesome, but it was a slight concern.

Roberto Time
He says he realized the second or third Rose Ceremony that they would be together for ever. They seem really cute together, I hope it’s for real. After reliving their engagement on video, Ali reassures Chris that they are in love. They tell Chris the way they’ve pseudo-dated since the finale taped, which is adorable. They also say that they have a place together in San Diego and that the wedding isn’t set yet.

Then a helicopter whisks them off to Catalina Island and they presumably live happily ever after. Will I get to recap their wedding on ABC next spring? I certainly hope so.

That’s it for this season, “Bachelorette” fans. See you next time, when hopefully Chris Lambton is the next Bachelor. And lest you worry about withdrawal, I’ll be here starting next week for “Bachelor Pad” in all its trainwrecky glory.

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