ashley jp bachelorette finale 'Bachelorette: After the Final Rose': Are Ashley and J.P. still together?We kick off the “Bachelorette: After the Final Rose” reunion with Ben F., the winemaker who was not chosen by Ashley. The ladies are sure excited about him – Ben for next bachelor? They make him rewatch his proposal and rejection, which is awesome. He still seems kind of upset about it.

Ben relays that the flight home was awful – not only was it long and he was stewing over what had happened, but he was on his way to his best friend’s wedding. Oh my god, yikes. But he says that he’s grateful for the journey and for Ashley, but he does have some questions for her.

Ashley comes on stage (with hair that is too dark) and Ben first wants to know when she made her decision, when did she know? She says in the end she followed her heart, which doesn’t answer the question at all. Chris Harrison points out that Ben seems angry still and he says, “No, no, I’m not angry” in that way that says, “Yes, I’m still totally angry, witch.” It’s … uncomfortable.

He then asks if there was anything he could’ve done differently and she says it was just something that no matter what happened, it was that magnet for her with J.P.

*Promo for “Take the Money and Run.” So … that actaully looks kinda fun, right?*

J.P. is brought out in what Chris Harrison calls “the moment we’ve all been waiting for.” Yes, I’ve been all of a dither all night long. They certainly seem happy and smitten and in love, so good for them.

Ashley says J.P. has been there for her, picking her up, they are a team. She believes this is it for her. We go to another commercial. This is like the 45th commercial this hour. Seriously, in some places in the world, it’s freaking Wednesday already.

Now! For the first time! J.P. and Ashley watch their proposal! OH. MY. GOD. Chris Harrison actually says, “Being a sports fan, let’s break down the game tape.” OK, stop, Chris Harrison. Just stop.

We finally get something that is a smidge interesting where they check in with Lila, Ashley’s sister (real name Christy, but she reminds us of Lila from “Dexter”). Christy joins them on stage and apologizes to J.P. – now having seen the season, she is convinced he’s the one and feels like the biggest jerk.

Finally, J.P. and Ashley talk about their future. Ashley is finishing school, done in a month, and she’s moving to New York City to be with J.P. They’re moving in together. But that’s not all! The show is sending J.P. and Ashley back to Fiji on a trip. 

So – the moral of the story is that J.P. and Ashley seem to be happy and still together. They certainly seem more real than that Brad/Emily facade we had last season. What do you think, “Bachelorette” fans?

Also – let’s get ready to “Bachelor Paaaaaaad”!!!!

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