Things could not be going better for the most recent Bachelorette.” Zap2it catches up with Ali Fedotowsky at the KTLA News Morning Show where she tells us that she and Roberto are enjoying setting up their lives together.

“Things are going great! … We’re taking two lives, we’re combining them. We’re definitely adjusting and learning about each other, but we love each other and things are great,” says Fedotowsky.

Despite things going so well, wedding bells aren’t ringing just yet for the couple because there are so many added things to consider for them.

“If it was just as easy as getting married, we probably would’ve done it already … but there’s so many other things involved,” Fedotowsky explains. “We’re under a contract and people want to put it on TV and do we want to put it on TV? There are so many added stressers that we don’t even want to touch right now.”

But once the hype has died down and they’ve had a chance to just live together alone for awhile, she assures us that they are still planning on walking down the aisle eventually.

Part of making their lives together has involved Roberto moving to San Diego from across the country and Fedotowsky reveals that Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke, of “The Bachelor” franchise, have been great friends to them so far.

“I think that Tenley and Kiptyn are two of the most wonderful, genuine, kind-hearted people I’ve ever met,” says Fedotowsky. “Roberto came all the way over here from South Carolina, so he doesn’t have a lot of friends, so Kiptyn called him up the other day and they went golfing together in the morning, just the boys. I’m really glad that he has a friend like Kiptyn.”

Even though Fedotowsky has been busy with her new man and working for a TV station in San Diego, she of course is still paying attention to the announcement that the next “Bachelor” is Brad Womack.

“To be very honest, when he first was announced I was kind of like ‘That’s not fair! They should give someone else a try.’ I was with Jillian Harris at the time and we were joking like, “Does that mean you get another shot?” she laughs.

“But now that I got the chance to met him, he’s such a good guy. He really is genuine. And I was really skeptical. But he’s super-sweet, super-kind,” Fedotowsky says.

Look for another interview with Fedotowsky promoting her new campaign with the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Warner Bros. to raise money for breast cancer research and in case you missed it, watch Fedotowsky’s interview on the KTLA Morning Show below.

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Photo and video credit: Andrea Reiher, Zap2it; KTLA

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