The claims aren’t new, but previously it was just ex-girlfriends, possibly jealous ones, doing the talking. So how about the word of possibly jealous ex-castmates?

“Dave [Good] and I both remember Ed saying he had a girlfriend,” says Wes Hayden.

Hey Wes, weren’t you also accused of having a girlfriend while on the show?

Michael Stagliano calls and Reid Rosenthal didn’t like Swiderski at all and Stagliano goes so far as to call him “a shady character.”

Castmate Jesse Kovacs says that Swiderski was allowed to keep his cell phone and laptop — when all other contestants had to relinquish them — because he had to have them for work as a Microsoft consultant. He even left during one episode to attend to work issues.

Swiderski’s access to technology linking him to the outside world and his trip away are both under fire now as the means he used to reconnect, send romantic messages to and even sleep with two of his ex-girlfriends — or so they claim.

What do you believe?(surveys)

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen