emily maynard jef holm after the final rose bachelorette 'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard: Jef Holm and I probably won't televise the wedding, but 'never say never'New “Bachelorette” couple Emily Maynard and Jef Holm spoke with the press Tuesday (July 24) about their relationship and whether or not they’ll be having a televised wedding.

On Ricki keeping the relationship a secret:

Emily: “She doesn’t know we’re engaged yet … I told her it was a big surprise and it was like a surprise party and we don’t want to ruin it for everybody. She’s a pretty good secret-keeper, I found out.”

On a possible spin-off show about planning her wedding, or a televised wedding:

Emily: “My thoughts on that are pretty clear. I have no interest in ever doing any spin-off show or anything like that … I have been looking forward to the day when I get to go back to normal and not have to worry about the cameras. And Jef and I can just be two people who fell in love on a show and leave all that behind us … One thing I’ve learned is never say never, but I also think a wedding is a private thing. It’s one of those things we’d just have to talk about when the time came.”

Jef: “I feel the exact same way. I feel like we were really privileged to be able to go through this experience together … but it is a personal and a private matter, so when the time comes we’ll discuss it and we’ll decide.”

On if she’s met Jef’s parents yet and how his family feels about Emily:

Emily: “I got to meet Jef’s mom the other night, the night of the ‘After the Final Rose.’ It was a surprise to me, I didn’t even know she as going to be there. She was so sweet, amazing. I got to talk to his dad on the phone and he could not be nicer and mroe down-to-earth.’

Jef: ‘My family is very close. They are absolutely in love with Emily and they’re so happy for the both of us. And my dad’s looking forward to meeting Emily and Ricki, and the rest of the family’s looking forward to meeting Ricki and having them join the family.”

On whether Jef has met Ricki’s dad’s family, the Hendricks:

Emily: “The Hendricks are just like my own family … they love me just like a daughter. I’ve been very close with them for a lot of years. They want to meet anybody who makes me happy. This is our first day even allowed out in public and we’ve been in New York doing media all day. But I’m sure that meeting will happen soon.”

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