jef holm emily maynard bachelorette finale 'Bachelorette' reunion: Are Emily Maynard and Jef Holm still together?“The Bachelorette” live reunion show kicks off with Emily Maynard by herself, greeted by the crowd like Bon Jovi just showed up. (One Direction? Bieber? Is Bon Jovi too old?)

Arie’s Return

The guy she dumped is here, of course. But Arie is very nice about everything. He says he’s happy that she’s happy and whatnot. Arie does wish she had been more direct and that he had a lot of questions, but overall it’s very boring and a fireworks-free reunion.

But we do find out that after Arie left Curacao, he flew to Charlotte to see Emily to get closure or to get a new beginning, off-camera. But he couldn’t pull the trigger on crashing in on Emily’s life, so he called her and left her his journal to read that he wrote in during the show. Awww, that’s the cutest thing ever.

However, Emily says she didn’t read it. Hmph. She says she didn’t read it out of respect for Arie and Jeffff, and she doesn’t think it was going to help anything. Sounds to me like if she was 100% confident in Jeffff, she could’ve read it. But God forbid she rock the boat by possibly feeling more for Arie. Hmph. Weaksauce, Emily.

She says that if Jefffff hadn’t been there, it’d be her and Arie sitting there happy together. Well, that’s a ringing endorsement for her and Jefff. Again – you won because I love you a little bit more! Aw, so sweet.

Arie then hilariously says he’s in touch with Jeffff because they are great friends. That’s pretty cute.

Jef and Emily’s Reunion

They are adorably goofy together, which is not something we really got to see on the show much, Jef’s right about that. Emily seemed kind of funny in the outtakes we saw last week during the Men Tell All, so it’s a shame they didn’t show more of that.

It also turns out they’ve been spending time as a couple with Ricki, which is good. We have to re-watch the proposal, which is dumb.

The Future Plans

Now we finally get to the juicy bits — what is ahead for Emily and Jefffff? Man, it would be so awesome if Emily was pregnant. But alas, that is not the announcement they make. Instead, they say they’re going on a humanitarian trip to Africa with his company to build wells, which is awesome, no fooling. Hope it is highly successful.

They also reveal that Jeffff is moving to Charlotte because of not wanting to uproot Ricki from school and her friends. He’s going to get his own place and they’ll start planning a wedding. We’ll see if that’s for real in the months to come, but for now it looks like they’re together.

What do you think, fans? Is it for real? Will we be watching them get married on ABC come next spring?

Also, is anyone else a little disappointed that they had this “live” ATFR and then it turned out to be just a normal reunion special? Where was the bombshell they had to keep a secret?!  Booo.

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