On next Monday’s (May 21) episode of “The Bachelorette,” two guys get the first one-on-one dates and one is definitely more excited than the other. Meanwhile, after the group date, Kalon and Stevie continue their war of words. We can only hope it comes to blows, though based on the episode description, it’s Kalon vs. Doug we need to worry about.

In the above video, Joe gets a one-on-one date and is whisked off to Greenbriar, an estate where Emily used to vacation with her family. He and Emily take time to make wishes at the “love clock,” with Joe wishing he can one day return to Greenbriar with Emily and Ricki. Awww. But also: barf.

Meanwhile, in the below video, we see Ryan go on his solo date, where Emily has him baking cookies. He does not seem overly enthused and is especially irritated with having to wear one of Emily’s aprons. Hey, guess what, dude? You know what makes you look even less manly than that apron? Your dopey haircut and pre-distressed t-shirt.

And finally, Kalon and Stevie continue to snipe at each other. We’re sure Kalon is being set up to be the complete tool of the season, but so far he hasn’t really offended us. And in fact, Stevie’s insecurity and petulant behavior is way more of a turn off.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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