bachelorette girlfriend confrontation 'Bachelorette': The emergency room and a girlfriend confrontation next weekThings look to be heating up on “The Bachelorette” next week, when one of the bachelors is confronted at the mansion by his girlfriend, who from the previews looks as thought she thought he was off “finding himself” or something.

Chris Harrison blogs for EW that the first two episodes have been nothing compared to the drama that’s in store:

As you can see the guys are really starting to fall for Des and the competition has begun. Ben has started getting under people’s skin and he almost seems to relish it, like it’s a game to him. This will continue in the weeks to come. You may have also noticed that I brought a guest into the house. To borrow a phrase from this week, somebody is not here for the right reasons — and boy do we have proof!  It’s not a pretty scene, but it’s one that you must see because I promise you everybody will be talking about it next week. I warn you to buckle up because these first two episodes were child’s play compared to what’s to come. From here on out, it’s a ride unlike any of us have ever been on.

Meanwhile, the official episode description from ABC teases a game of dodgeball, a trip to the emergency room and a “visceral confrontation” with one guy’s girlfriend.

Desiree pulls out all the stops and brings in the pros from the National Dodgeball League to teach the guys how to take their game to the next level. After a spirited practice session, the blue team of bachelors takes on the red team at the Americana in Los Angeles. The clash of titans ends up in an enormous heap, sending one person to the ER with a broken bone. How will this affect that night’s after-party?

Desiree is blown away when Chris Harrison informs her that one of the men is definitely not there for “the right reasons” and that, in fact, he left a girlfriend back at home to participate on the series. A total shocker follows when the guy’s girlfriend shows up unannounced. All hell breaks loose and a very visceral confrontation ensues. Can Desiree trust any of the other bachelors? How will she decide who is sincere?

Desiree throws a curve at her guys and decides that the cocktail party is cancelled, so it becomes a pool party instead. Tempers flare and there’s a confrontation between the men when one overzealous suitor is caught stealing time with the Bachelorette. The two guys leading the charge would like the sneaky bachelor out of the mansion and far away from Desiree.

At the dramatic rose ceremony, Desiree shows up in a glamorous gown she designed herself – a “Bachelorette” first! She struggles with whom to send home, and one unlucky guy is completely devastated when he doesn’t receive a rose and breaks down. At the end of the night, 13 men will be left in the race to make Desiree theirs.

The description also says that Chris and Kasey are the lucky solo date recipients, though their dates don’t sound nearly as exciting as the other stuff.

“The Bachelorette” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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