chris lambton bachelorette interview 'Bachelorette's' Chris Lambton: Should he stay the one who got away for fans?Should Chris Lambton be the next “Bachelor” for ABC? Or would he be better suited to stay as the beloved one who got away for “Bachelorette” fans?

E! Online has a new report that Lambton was offered the next “Bachelor” position and turned it down because he wants to stay out of the spotlight and return to his “normal life.”

Cue the wailing and gnashing of teeth of millions of “Bachelor” fans — including yours truly because we think Lambton would make an excellent next “Bachelor.”

Except … maybe this is the best move he could make. Tenley Molzahn just told Zap2it that she thinks Chris might be too sensitive for the “Bachelor” role. She likened him to herself — and she says she is far too emotional to have been the “Bachelorette.”

Plus, look at what happened to people who went from being a beloved runner-up to the next star. DeAnna Pappas, Jason Mesnick and Jake Pavelka all came out of their starring seasons looking pretty bad. Pappas and Mesnick have since rehabbed their images a bit, but Pavelka still seems like a bit of a jerk (especially after that interview he gave with Vienna on July 5 that
seemed to belie quite the temper).

Maybe Chris Lambton should stay away from the franchise and just remain that super-sweet guy that all the fans fell in love with.

On the flip side, of course, are people like Jillian Harris and Ali Fedotowsky, who came out of their own seasons looking pretty good. One could even argue that Ali looked even better after her season of the show. But would or could Chris fare the same way?

What do you think? Would it serve Chris Lambton well to be the next “Bachelor”? Or should he remain the idealized sweetheart that everyone loves? And if Lambton has indeed said no and there’s no hope he’ll agree, who do you think it should be? Somebody new? Our second choice vote is for Craig R., just for the record.

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