craig robinson bachelorette 'Bachelorette's' Craig Robinson: Justin Rego is 'keeping the controversy on himself'Craig Robinson was sent packing from “The Bachelorette” without even a cocktail party — Ali Fedotowsky just knew they didn’t have a romantic connection. Find out what he thinks about his ouster, the Justin “Rated-R” scandal and which guys he thinks are right for Ali.

On the no-cocktail party exit:
I trusted Ali, that she really did have her mind made up at that point and I really respected the fact that she didn’t want to put me through trying to convince her to keep me if she already made up her mind. 

On Justin’s scandal and subsequent claims he did not and does not have a girlfriend:
My thoughts are that he’s an entertainer and that, ya know, obviously his main purpose on the show, I believe, was to get himself some publicity and to, as he said, help himself out in the entertainment industry. I think anything he’s saying now about not having a girlfriend is just a continuation of that. He’s keeping the controversy on himself, to get that publicity.

On his lack of a one-on-one date and the alone time coming late:
It was frustrating, being in that position, not getting time with her, and I think that kind of affected me a little bit mentally and it affected the way I interacted with her because that was in the back of my mind. I think things may have been different if I got a one-on-one date with her earlier.

On the reaction he’s gotten since being on the show:
I’ve gotten an overwhelmingly positive response, especially this last week. My inbox at work is just flooded with emails, they’re coming in non-stop, and they’re all positive. I actually got roses delivered to my work yesterday from six random fans in Missouri. The card said Ali made a mistake and that we are getting tattoos to prove it. I hope nobody out there gets a tattoo, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

On the credibility of the show:
I still believe in the credibility in the show, even with what’s happened with Jake and Vienna. Two of the couples have ended up in married and one is still together, Jillian and Ed. Percentage-wise, it’s not the most probably thing to work, but it does work. It has worked. As far as people who are thinking of going on in the future to find love, I think the credibility is still there. It’s just not the most probably way to find love.

On the previews showing Ali and Frank’s confrontation:
Frank is a great guy. The first night when I met Frank, he came into the mansion and he’s got kind of a wild and crazy personality and I remember thinking, “Who is this guy? He’s not making it past the first night.” but he became one of my better friends on the show. Whatever happens on the show, Frank is a good guy with good intentions, means well and he will be one of my best friends leaving the show.

On the guys left for Ali:
Ty Brown is just one of my favorite guys in the world that I’ve ever met. I really thought he had one of the best chances, just knowing what I know about him. With the divorce, people question whether he’s ready to get back into a relationship, but I think he was there for all the right reasons, had the best intentions. One thing people maybe don’t know, I don’t know if it’s coming across enough, but he is so funny. He is such a fun guy, such a genuine guy. I think him and Chris L, not to say that the other guys weren’t down to earth or weren’t great guys because I really actually thought when I left I said to Ali, if you marry one of those guys, I’ll be at your wedding because they’re my really good friends for life, but I think Ty Brown and Chris L really had the best shot.

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