justin rego bachelorette 'Bachelorette's' Justin Rego: 'Betrayed ... lied too' by producers and JessicaJustin Rego, a.k.a. Rated-R the entertainment wrestler from Canada, has taken to his Facebook page to release a statement regarding the episode of “The Bachelorette” that aired Monday, June 28.

This was the infamous episode where Justin’s girlfriend Jessica (via Jessie, a contestant from Jake Pavelka’s season) called Ali to tell her she was Justin’s girlfriend, that he also has a second girlfriend, he only went on the show for exposure and then the team played voicemails he left Jessica while taping “The Bachelorette.”

Justin’s statement:

“First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to all my Fans who
have been showing tremendous support during this very tough time. Many
of you have been defending me on my Fan Page and my Profile and you are
simply amazing, I will always love you for that. Thank you to everyone
for taking the time to read this statement regardless of whether you
believe me or not. I want to thank you for letting me share my side of
the story…

I would like to say that I was not in a relationship before I went on
the show and I am still single now. I went on the show to experience an
opportunity with possibilities of meeting the love of my life and
creating great friendships that I can cherish for many years to come. As
much as people would like to believe that I had no friends on the show
and I had nothing but conflict with the other guys in the house, that is
totally not the case. I have nothing but positive things to say about
ALL the guys, including Kasey, Jonathan (The Weatherman), Craig R and
Craig M. I’m disappointed that the loyal fans of the show (who watch
every episode) will never see those friendships. I personally can’t wait
to see these guys again and see how they all have been since the show. I
now look at them as not just guys I was on a reality show with, but as
an extended part of my family.

Another thing I do want to comment on are the voice mail messages that
were played during my exit from the show on Monday night. I left those
messages when I was very confused and I was disgusted to hear messages
with such private and personal content! I am quite upset that they were
shared with the world just for an amazing scandal. Those messages were
actually left after I told producers that I wanted OFF THE SHOW in
Iceland. Yes, that’s right! I no longer wanted to be a part of the show
when we were in Iceland and wanted to get on the first plane home to

The first time I saw a phone that I could use, I took full advantage of
that opportunity and called my Mom, who I missed to death. My Mom
informed me that I should call Jessica because there was a lot going on
back in Toronto and that Jessica was contacted by Producers of the show.
This news hit me like a ton of bricks, to think that the Producers that
were saying “trust me I’m your friend” on the show were the same people
that were trying to provoke and encourage this scandal to be something
it wasn’t.

As everyone that has watched the show this season knows, I suffered a
devastating injury when I was wrestling two weeks before I traveled to
LA to participate in The Bachelorette. During this two week period,
Jessica was there for me when I needed someone to help me out. I will be
the first to admit that she helped me a lot during that time. She
showed me a side of her that I had never seen before, a side that I
would call close to perfection in my eyes. For the first time I felt
that Jessica was showing me the characteristics of someone I would want
to spend the rest of my life with. Unfortunately now after I have
learned everything that has happened, I have reason to believe that
there was a second motive to her positive behavior before I left to film
The Bachelorette. I no longer have any contact with Jessica, nor do I
want her in my life in any way.

I feel betrayed, manipulated and unfairly lied too by both the Producers
of ABC’s The Bachelorette and Jessica. Due to the Producers of ABC’s
The Bachelorette wanting this scandal created at the expense of my
character, I will not be attending The Men Tell All. I will not give the
producers of this show the opportunity to have the chance of editing me
to their liking once again. Its truly unfortunate that the Producers of
The Bachelorette took this experience that was supposed to be an
amazing moment that I will never forget, and made it into a living hell
for me.

I will end this statement asking you to always keep this in mind that
you can’t believe everything you see on TV, and please don’t be so quick
to judge someone based on what you see on TV. Thank you to everyone
taking the time to read my official statement about Monday’s episode.”

What do you think, gang? Believe him?

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