What's your secret to your killer body?
Tanner P.: I started running a lot about a year ago. I pretty much worked out about three days a week since 2005. You just got to watch what you eat. I got to have my cheat meals twice a week. Chicken, almonds, honey, peanut butter. You got to stick with. I knew Jillian had a killer body and I knew I had to be next to her on the camera, so I was like, "Daddy's gotta look good."

*Note: Tanner P. also veered from the subject of all things bodily in the interview and shared that he and Jillian just didn't have chemistry, he had the most fun out of anyone on the show, he didn't know which guy would win Jillian's hand and that he also looks for a great personality in a woman.

Your thoughts? Will you miss the magic of Ta
nner P.?


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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen