ashlee frazier bachelor 'Bachelor's' AshLee Frazier not surprised if Tierra is engagedAshLee Frazier is one of the final four women left on “The Bachelor.” She tells the press about her experience on the show, including what went down with Tierra LiCausi, who is reportedly engaged to someone already.

“I did hear about [the engagement],” says AshLee. “If she is, I wish her all the best. But I don’t really know any details on that … I don’t know who it is. If it is true, no, [I’m not surprised]. It’s Tierra. I wouldn’t be surprised.”

AshLee had one of the more volatile confrontations with Tierra, as we all just saw on last Monday’s episode. AshLee says she was scared afterwards that Sean was going to send her home.

“100% I was scared. I thought this might be the time I go home … I felt safe up until the argument happened, and really almost up until Sean came in for the Rose Ceremony and said he didn’t want any dramatic spills in life … then I got scared,” says AshLee. “I’m not gonna get a chance to talk to him, I’m not gonna get a chance to explain myself. That’s when I got nervous and scared.”

But she doesn’t regret the confrontation, nor was she mad at the other girls for not having her back more against Tierra.

“I’m a pretty strong person and I thought I could hold my own, I didn’t need them to step in. The thing is, I had a fairly decent relationship with [Tierra] in the house versus some of the other girls and I personally felt I had a leg to stand on against her. ‘You were my friend, why are you doing this?'” says AshLee.

She adds that it definitely wasn’t editing on the part of the show.

“I can definitely tell you it’s not editing. It is definitely how
she is,” says AshLee. “She’s very dramatic … we all tried to get along with her. At
one point or another, most, if not all, but a majority of the girls
tried to reach out to try to build a relationship with her and it just
didn’t really work well. She didn’t want any part of it.”

AshLee also clears up Catherine’s rather surprising meltdown when Lesley was sent home.

“Catherine and Lesley were fairly good friends on the show and I think she was really sad to see her friend go, I think that was part it,” says AshLee. “I don’t think it was lack of confidence, I think she was just really sad.”

“The Bachelor” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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