sarah herron bachelor sean lowe 'Bachelor's' Sarah Herron on Tierra, Sean and feeling comfortable about her armOne of the early frontrunners on the new season of “The Bachelor” is Sarah Herron, the girl who was born with only half her left arm. She spoke with the press Thursday (Jan. 17) about her experience on the reality dating show.

Her thoughts on Sean:

“He’s 100 percent authentic and genuine. And he has a very big heart. And he’s a gentleman.  And he’s patient. And he has an awesome sense of humor and he’s a prankster.  He’s just kind of the whole package.”

On her arm situation and how maybe it helped her:

“I did think that my situation played a role in Sean choosing me for the first date in a positive aspect, because I think what happened was I introduced myself to Sean and he – I made an impression. And I hope that that’s why he chose me — because he saw me as a unique, strong, courageous individual, and that I deserved the opportunity just as much as anybody else. 

And I think, you know, to my benefit, I – it helped – it’s to my advantage. It helped me stand out and catch his attention. And I – I’m grateful for that. You know, I think [the first solo date] was a very, very pleasant surprise.  I wasn’t expecting it at all, and I was very honored.”

On feeling comfortable talking about her arm with Sean:

“He made it very clear to me that he was [comfortable with it], and it wasn’t an issue, and we didn’t really need to talk about it, and we could just move on. I think that’s awesome that he kind of put me at ease and said you know, it’s okay, we don’t have to talk about this over and over and over, I like you for who you are, and I think you’re great … I mean, being chosen as the first girl to go on a date just – it made me feel like the most lucky girl in the world.  Honestly, I felt so special. And I felt even stronger about Sean that he would consider me to be – you know, that he would consider me for this cool adventurous date, and that he was so interested in me.”

On the drama in the house:

“Well, I think actually this coming episode is going to be – is going to be a shocker. There’s a lot of drama that happens next Monday night. And I think it’s just going to be really interesting to see how it all unfolds, and what really happens, and you know, it’s kind of – we’re all finally, at this point, settled into the house and we’re seeing some true colors come out. I think things are going to start to get interesting next Monday night. And Sean does something to really kind of – to surprise me next week. It was a little unexpected and I didn’t see it coming. And it’s going to be – it’s going to be really interesting for sure.”

On Tierra so far:

“I do think Tierra was there for the right reason … she is looking for love and she’s definitely there, I truly think, for the right reasons … She could be probably trying a little bit harder to make friends and not burn so many bridges in the house. But she is genuine, and she’s there for the right reasons.  I do think so … I really did have good experiences with Tierra.  I don’t – I can’t speak for the other girls in the house.” 

“The Bachelor” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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