tierra bachelor abc montana 'Bachelor's' Tierra is a 'victim' and 'professional assassin,' writes Chris Harrison“The Bachelor” has no shortage of drama this season thanks to Tierra, the pint-sized powder keg. She insists she’s “not a drama person” at all, but us viewers know better.

Someone else who knows better is host Chris Harrison, who writes for EW:

There will be a lot said about Tierra this season and I may be hammered by people for saying this, but the woman is good at what she does. It may not be pretty or nice, but if her goal is to stir up the pot get the other women off their games and “win” Sean, then she’s doing just that. She snuck over to the group date party the night before her date just to steal a little time with Sean to plant the seed for the next day. While all the other women are going crazy talking about Tierra to Sean she’s able to perfectly play the victim. I don’t feel like sweet little Jackie ever stood a chance against a professional assassin like Tierra.

The victim and a professional assassin all wrapped up in a tiny little package. That sounds about right. We knew there was a reason we love Chris Harrison.

Sean Lowe is more diplomatic in his blogging about last night’s episode over at People:

And then there’s Tierra … I had no idea she was going to surprise me and I certainly wasn’t ready for it. I didn’t know what to think about her visit, mostly because I was in shock seeing her there and knew the other women would be upset if they found out. But I was also flattered that she made the effort. I definitely was not seeing the same person the other women saw.

Tierra definitely had the edge on Jackie going into the [two-on-one] date, but I was still very open-minded … When it came time to make the decision on who gets the rose it was pretty obvious that Tierra was my girl. Keep in mind, I had no idea that the other women disliked her so much! I knew she had a hard time fitting in, but I wasn’t privy to the fact that she was simply not nice to the other girls. Things would’ve been different if I had seen those actions.

I left Montana really down on this whole experience. It was the first time I really grew concerned that my potential wife was not amongst this group of women and that I had wasted everyone’s time, including my own. I was over the drama, over the women talking about the drama, and just wanted to refocus my energy on what mattered – finding a partner that I could see myself with for a lifetime.

What do you think, gang? Will we finally see Sean open his eyes to what Tierra is really like? A special two-hour “Bachelor” airs Tuesday night, Feb. 5, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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