Welcome back to Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites, did you enjoy your break? I say thank ye gods for its return, my wallet’s a bit lighter after crapping out on the NCAA pool, and I do not need to be spending another night out throwing money at a social life.

Last fan standing. Malakal returns to camp, bemoaning their loss. Erik in particular has reason to whinge, as he is the last fan at Malakal camp. Ozzy decides the whining contest is something he can win as well, and complains that his utter domination makes him a target.

Crab and rat sandwich?  Yummy! Cirie and Ami wake up early to track down a pile of crabs for breakfast, much to the delight of everyone. Ozzy continues to worry about the target on his back, and Ami chooses to comfort him, telling him that she was instrumental in saving him from the vote last night. Ozzy sayeth, “methinks thou doth protesteth too much!” He’s onto the fact that Ami is trying to throw him off her trail, and that she might be plotting against him.

Meanwhile, at Airai, the rats are getting bolder, and they pay for their temerity when Jason catches one. As he points out, this will be the first rat eaten since the first season of Survivor. Parvati thinks this makes him a loser. Fending of starvation – makes you a loser.

James is tired of ragging on his teammates, so he starts picking on the camp. Looking at the ocean, he remarks that Popeye wouldn’t go in it and Jacques Cousteau would say “Damn!” James and Parvati start to plot their next move, realizing that their alliance lies mainly with people at the other camp. Parvati palavers with Natalie, hoping she’ll be able to take her, Alexis, and Amanda with her to the final four. Her big strong James — “dead to her,” I quote.

Exiled from the tribe, but safe at the vote. The tribes are informed, via tree-mail, that they will be required to send one member of the other tribe to Exile Island. The trick is that said member will be immune at tribal council. At the immunity challenge, Airai sends Ozzy of Malakal, while Malakal chooses Alexis. The Exiles are sent off, and the tribes are presented with an obstacle course to cross while the opposing tribe tries to knock them off with sandbags on ropes. First tribe to head across the course and come back with five flags from the other end wins not only immunity, but a pizza party.

Erik and Jason do most of the running in a tight race, the survivors’ emaciation at this point a benefit, as they prove difficult to hit with the sandbags. In the end, Jason muscles his tribe to pizza, beer, and a pass from tribal council. Airai’s win means Ozzy is doubled up on immunity, and Erik’s departure looks likely.

Let the scramble begin!
Challenge lost, everyone at Malakal senses that Erik is not long for Micronesia. But, the mood runs high at Airai. Jason in particular seems happy, as he not only brought home the win, but he also has (tee-hee) an immunity idol. Pizza and beer arrives, apparently without a bottle opener. Fortunately, James OPENS THEM WITH HIS TEETH! Where was he when I was in college?

On Exile Island, Ozzy finds out that someone has discovered his fake immunity idol. Even a god can giggle like a schoolgirl when his plan comes to fruition. Erik starts working on Amanda and Cirie, trying to save himself from a future of jockeying that ice cream scooper. Cirie reveals to the camera that she doesn’t trust Erik or Ami, and that she will likely be voting for the person she trusts least.

Yay! Iron Man commercial!

Boys vs. girls — or Fans vs. Favorites?
Ami loads up her guns, firing back at Erik in the character assassination game. Cirie’s head is still spinning, but she and Amanda seem to be willing to offer Ami reassurance. Erik prays for Ozzy’s return, and that he will be of a different mind than the girls. Erik pulls out the big guns, telling Ozzmonster about Ami’s designs on him. Ozzy, already sensing the threat from Ami, talks it over with Amanda. Everything seems to be up in the air as the tribe heads to council for the fourth time in the row.

That night, Malakal reveals that morale on their beach is low. Ozzy hints that he knows Ami is gunning after him, and she pulls out her trump card — crying. Ozzy is having none of it, however. Trust is the big issue before the vote, and as much as Ami wants her teammates to trust her, they seem skeptical. After a heartfelt plea from Ami, Malakal goes to vote yet again. Minutes later, Ami is voted out as her emotions overwhelm her. Once again, Ozzy’s will be done.Amicusack_survivor_micronesia_240

Next week — MERGE, Alexis finally makes herself known by moving in on Amanda’s territory, and Eliza kills my fun by telling Jason that the idol he has is a fake. Well, he was dumb enough to fall for it once, maybe he’ll do it again.

Posted by:Andrew Stubinski