" crazy good. And Dell got to look hang-doggy some more, but he had good reason this time.


Yeah, sure, she turned hot, married Noah down last week, huzzah Addison, but all she can think of this week is hot, married Noah. And yowsa, the chemistry here blows anything she had with Officer Kevin or Wyatt out of the proverbial water. So she's working it all through, and he's still smoldering all over the place, even throwing "in love with" out there (and yes, they really just met but that didn't come off as creepy). But she's really lonely and he's really hot. Did I mention that? She even breaks herself from Morgan (the pregnant wife) until he comes in begging for her to reconsider. Because he cares for Morgan. Ooh. Ok. And for some reason, she's using Pete as a sounding board. Duh.

In the meantime, she has Katie, a pregnant woman who has a history of delusions. Her baby has died in utero, but she can still feel her moving, she says, and doesn't believe Addison when she says the baby is gone. Violet works with her to get back into see Addison, but basically uses the lie that Addison would like to apologize for the mistake, and she can see the baby again on the ultrasound if she comes back in. Before she can get to the point of accepting it, she gets very sick, leading Addison and Pete to demand that she be declared incompetent so they can do a D and C. Violet, however, is convinced she can get her to understand reality.

Cooper, Charlotte, and Violet

Yes, it's the strangest threesome in the world. Cooper is living with Violet but rekindling things with Charlotte. Violet and Charlotte have a nice bonding moment together after Charlotte helps Violet with her nausea, and they giggle over Pete and/or Sheldon as daddies. And then Charlotte does Violets nails they dish about Cooper. Seriously. And I originally wrote that line as a joke, but then it actually happened. No, really. All of a sudden it was like a weird deja vu in the middle of the recap. I think I channeled Shonda for a second! Either that or it was predictable.


Pete is hitting anything that moves to make up for the fact that he's scared to death over his feelings for Violet and what could be his baby. The baby he and Violet find out is a boy.

Sam and Naomi

Naomi is on the loose this week, sowing some oats. One of Sam's buddies has caught Naomi's eye, and has Sam, as he says, pimping her out, much to his jealous chagrin. He's so green, you'd think it was still St. Patrick's Day. And still, she's blowing him off to pickup guys in bars and go out looking slutty. Sam and Naomi's word. Not mine. Oh, just let them get back together already. Yawn. Not hot. Predictable. But man, Michelle Obama has nothing on Audra McDonald's arms. Whoa girl.

Cooper and Sam

One of Cooper's old pediatric kids, Brandon, is all grown up, and has come to see Sam to get treatment for a sore throat. Turns out he has Stage 4 throat cancer, caused by HPV, given to him by his girlfriend, Lila. Hey kids, oral sex is sex too! Cooper and Sam disagree on how to treat him, chemo and radiation or surgery. However, the tumor is right up against his carotid artery, and so it requires immediate surgery, and that surgery is going to remove part of his jaw. The girlfriend isn't having any part of it. She pretty much yells "Ew" and runs away. Brandon originally decides to cancel the surgery to keep Lila, but Sam and Cooper get him to reconsider. That storyline didn't seem ended, so maybe we'll see him again in the future…


Hey! Dell has a storyline! His ex-girlfriend Heather has gotten a promotion, but it involves a move to St.Louis. Dell, obviously, is freaked out over losing Betsy. And the day after she tells Dell her news, she's skips town. He's the one who gets through to delusional Katie. Everyone's baby is gone this week.

In the end, Addison takes Morgan back as a patient, swearing to see her pregnancy through until the end, and then thirty seconds later admits to Noah that he's not alone in the having feelings department.

Smolder, smolder, smolder. Smolder.

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