martinlawrence willsmith badboysii 290 'Bad Boys 3,' 'Rambo 5' in the worksHollywood knows: When in doubt — and when you don’t have as-yet-untapped installments in series about sparkly vampires or teen wizards — turn to the sequel.

To that end, two high-grossing action properties are looking to the next chapter. Are you ready for more Rambo and the Bad Boys?

Columbia Pictures has started work on “Bad Boys 3,” a proposed reunion of stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, plus director Michael Bay, according to The Hollywood Reporter. What’s next for Miami undercover cops Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett? Only “Cowboy Bebop” writer Peter Craig knows for sure.

While the last “Bad Boys” movie was released way back in 2003, Sylvester Stallone‘s long-running action franchise resurfaced in 2008’s “Rambo.”

Apparently, the experience did well enough that Sly and Nu Image are already at work on “Rambo 5,” according to Variety. Forget the exotic locales: The latest chapter would take place closer to home when Rambo takes on baddies along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Here’s hoping Stallone manages to bring along some faces — Jason Statham, for sure — from his star-studded actioner “The Expendables,” due out next April.

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