bad girls club redemption premiere 'Bad Girls Club: Redemption' season premiere: The girls return to the mansion

As is the case with any reality show reunion or redux, returning cast members come back to the house or competition more knowledgeable about what it entails for better or for worse. Everyone involved knows better than before how to play for the camera, gain attention on set and endear themselves (or in this case increase their infamy) with the audience. 

The “Bad Girls Club: Redemption” premiere Tuesday (Sept. 30) is just such a situation. The girls are not shy about the reasons they are returning to the show or their previous behavior. The reasons for coming back to the show range from increasing the personal betterment that began in the girls’ original season to unearthing old grudges to reinforcing their notoriety and increasing their fame. 
Camilla and Judi are two housemates who are specifically returning to the show to cause trouble and increase their celebrity status. Camilla in particular is already a professional at using her marginal fame for perks and gifts. However, they both mention other reasons to return, including their mutual desire to establish healthier bonds in the house instead of constantly fighting their way through the day. 
Rocky is one of the more three-dimensional people out of all the ladies in the house. She is dealing with personal loss after her step-dad passed away between the last time she appeared on the show and now. She is also embracing her new sexuality and worrying how her currently-incarcerated father will take the news she is in a relationship with a woman. If anyone has the best opportunity for emotional growth during her time in the house it is Rocky.

Danni’s time in the house will be possibly the most different out of all the girls compared to her first appearance on the show. Known on her season as one half of the “Victor Twins,” her mirror is at home with an infant and as such cannot come on the show. Watching someone who is used to having a sister around them at all times in an environment like this is bound to be nothing short of amusing and possibly groundbreaking during her therapy sessions. 
Natalie, Sarah, Jada, Julie, and Redd round out the drama-filled cast and they all contribute a certain flair and personality type to the cast. Besides the introductions of the girls, the premiere gives a series of sneak peeks about the altercations to come this season in the house. Even if they all have the best intentions early on, the season to come is nonetheless filled with drink throwing, screaming, accusations and a few punches thrown.

In case you missed it, the Season 12 reunion special is below. What did you think of the new season? Who is your favorite returning Bad Girl? Let us know in the comments,
and be sure to watch next week when the craziness kicks into full gear.

Posted by:Whitney McIntosh