bagel head saline japan body mod 'Bagel head' is the latest 'beauty' craze: Watch the body modification videoWe have been rendered speechless by this video from the National Geographic Channel series “Taboo.” When thinking of body modification, one general conjures up images of tattoos and piercings and gauges — but those options are apparently too mainstream for some.

In Tokyo, forehead saline injections — which basically make you look like a mini-bagel has been inserted between your skin and your skull — are the current body-mod craze. On the scene since around 2008, the “bagel head” isn’t permanent. In fact, it only lasts around 16 hours, at which point your body absorbs the saline and your head goes back to normal.

The video below shows three people getting their bagel-head on. The giant needle going into their head is expected, but it’s still disturbing to watch the bulge in their heads grow as they describe a stinging, dripping feeling. As the bulge grows, one of the man describes it as “relaxing” — a “building pressure that feels like it’s putting me to sleep.”

After the bulge is created, the artist manipulates it with his fingers, creating an indentation with his thumb. “That’s the part that becomes the climax, the finish,” explains the artist as onlookers clap and coo with delight.

“Cute!” says one woman.

“Sweet, buttery bagels,” says a man. “I look delicious.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie