We can never get enough of Bai Ling and her wacky outfits.

At last night's "Grey Gardens" premiere, Ling walked the carpet in her usual attention-getting get-up — with some kind of raven or baby porcupine roadkill on her head.

When we tried to politely ask about her outfit — because, seriously, what else is there to ask her about — she replied:

"I saw this – I thought it was so unique – with the hat – it is like French style or '20s or I don’t know – I just feel it – I don’t know – sometimes it's like – I go by my feelings and I go, 'I want to wear that' – it's like this little girl comes to me and I go – 'I want to try that!' "

We commented that she always wears such … outrageous outfits.

 "Unique," she corrected us. "They are unique. Because I think it's 2009 and we are not a slave to designers. They are here to support us and we should have fun!"

Then, bless her heart, she filled us in on her new film — the title of which we either didn't hear or which we have already forgotten — and then she gave us her website address officialbailing.com so we can all find out the scoop on her personal style.

We can hardly wait.

Video reporting: Sal Morgan

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead