balloon boy band Balloon Boy and brothers form boy band; We make them a set listWatch out, Jonas Brothers! Radar Online reports that Balloon Boy (a.k.a. Falcon Heene) and his two brothers (Bradford and Ryo) are forming a boy band. Seriously. Wait! It gets better. Their father, home-made helium balloon maker Richard, and mother Mayumi may appear as back-up musicians. We couldn’t make this up if we tried.

]]>Smokey Miles, a family friend who penned the brothers’ recent Bear Scratcher jingle (we have no idea what that means either), says, “They are good looking kids and talented, too. I’m sure they could be a success.” Miles went on to say the Heene family is a shining beacon of light for all families during these troubling economic times: “The family is doing well just now after everything they went through, and they are actually a good example for other families in these recessionary times.” Nothing says family like falsely claiming your son is stuck in a hot air balloon to gain media exposure. The band has yet to decide on a name, but they considered calling themselves The Balloon Boy Band (vom!) but they couldn’t for legal reasons. The current favorite? The Bear Scratch Band.

To help this sure-to-be hit boy band succeed, we’ve compiled a list songs we think they should cover. We expect royalties, kids.

Modest Mouse: “Float On”

R. Kelly: “I Believe I Can Fly”

Everclear: “She’s So High Above Me”

Goldfinger: “99 Red Balloons”

Frank Sinatra: “Come Fly With Me”

Seal: “Fly Like An Eagle”

Sugar Ray: “Fly”

Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes: “Up Where We Belong”

And for your listening pleasure, here’s a music video of the Henne Brothers. We suggest watching on mute, it’s kind of amazingly hilarious. They do karate, eat food off of paper plates, throw things at a picture of a rooster and rap on train tracks. Need we say more?

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