heenefamily 290 Balloon Boy family's reality TV dreams deflatedFalcon Heene and his family have been all over television the past couple days, but apparently not in the way the family had hoped.

Prior to becoming the subject of non-stop news coverage Thursday after their homemade weather balloon took off with 6-year-old Falcon supposedly aboard, the family had tried to pitch a reality show about their lives to producers and networks. A TLC rep confirms that the network of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” was one of the Heenes’ stops and that it passed on the pitch.

Multiple outlets are reporting that the family, led by former TV weatherman and amateur storm chaser Richard Heene, approached other production companies and networks as well — including RDF USA, on whose show “Wife Swap” the Heene family appeared last season. The Heenes have also made an Internet series called “The Psyience Detectives” (the official site for which was down late Friday afternoon).

That the family was seeking a reality show, and Falcon saying on “Larry King Live” Thursday that “we did this for a show” has helped fuel speculation that the family staged the balloon incident — you’ve no doubt heard by now that Falcon was not aboard — to drum up interest in their lives. Authorities in Colorado, where the Heenes live, say they want to interview the family again but for now don’t believe the family did anything wrong (if it was a hoax, they could face charges for filing a false report with police).

Richard Heene denies that the family staged the incident.

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