Balthazargetty_brothersandsisters_s2_240 Rumors about Balthazar Getty leaving Brothers & Sisters have been percolating for a while now, and they seemed to come to a head Wednesday with a report about a “shocking exit” for his character, Tommy Walker.

Well, Getty is going away for a while after the season’s 19th episode. But his departure won’t be permanent.

“Tommy is in no way permanently gone,” executive producer Allison Schapker tells the L.A. Times. “This is just the logical end to this year’s story.”

That story has lately sent Tommy to a pretty dark place, as he’s made some shady maneuvers in an attempt to shove his father’s ex-mistress, Holly (Patricia Wettig), out of the Walker family business.

Full details on Getty’s hiatus are at the Times’ Showtracker blog. What do you think about the development?

Posted by:Rick Porter