banshee season 2 zeljko ivanek 'Banshee' Season 2 premiere: Agent Racine is recklessly obsessed with Rabbit“Banshee” Season 2 picks up right where the first season left off, with Rabbit in the wind after the shoot-out at the metal works, while the Moody brothers have stumbled upon the body of the real Lucas Hood and Hood’s son found the YouTube video of the fake Lucas Hood fighting at the casino.

The Shootout

In the aftermath of the shoot-out, FBI Agent Jim Racine (guest star Zeljko Ivanek) is on the case, firing Agent Xavier and questioning all who were present at the gun fight. Racine’s obsession with catching Rabbit is palpable, but they all manage to keep their heads (and their stories) straight, so Racine has to admit that Hood is not at fault, since he had no actual part in the shoot-out.

Brock gets 18 months probation and deputies Yawners and Kelly get 12 months probation, but Carrie is the one to receive the worst of it. Since she’s not law enforcement, Racine has no jurisdiction over her, so he turns her over to the DA’s office — where her husband Gordon works.

Gordon recuses himself from the case and the assistant DA charges Carrie, so the daughter of terrifying organized crime boss Rabbit — who can more than fend for herself — is now headed to prison. That ought to go well. Plus, Racine is keeping a keen eye on Carrie, since he is convinced she was an integral part of Rabbit’s organization.

The Diamonds

Lucas, Job and Carrie still have the diamonds they stole from Rabbit, but Job won’t let them fence the stolen gems because it’s always smart to have a safety net. However, the three of them still need money, so they do what any self-respecting criminals would do — rob the casino.

In one of “Banshee’s” typically awesome action sequences, the three of them take down the casino’s armored car while speeding along the highway, only to have a mystery person on a motorcycle run them off the road so that they only get away with $100,000.

The mystery person is none other than Nola Longshadow, who is still running around doing her brother’s dirty work.

The Amish

Rebecca contemplates going back to her Amish lifestyle, feeling extraordinarily guilty about accidentally killing the mayor when she blew up the hotel’s casino. But Uncle Kai tempts her with coming back to live with him and it takes her about five seconds to decide that modern life is better than Amish life.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Job and Sugar make a field trip to the morgue to swipe the remains of the real Lucas Hood, which Racine is dismayed to find are missing. They get rid of the body, hopefully for real this time.
  • The idea that Racine has cancer is interesting, since it’s making him very reckless in regards to going after Rabbit. For Racine, it’s been a 15-year hunt and now that he’s dying, he has nothing to lose, so he’s not above using Hood, Carrie and the rest of them as bait that will probably draw Rabbit out. Should be fun to watch.
  • What do you suppose will come of Gordon this season? He’s obviously pretty angry about Carrie’s deception and he is definitely onto Hood, asking Brock to keep an eye on Hood and report back. Gordon seems like an intense guy who could easily go over the edge, so it really feels like only a matter of time before he snaps, right?
  • Nice to see Julian Sands right at the end make his first appearance as Rabbit’s brother. We’re very curious as to what part he’ll play in everything this season.
  • In case you were feeling cold from all these months of with no “Banshee” sex scenes, the premiere does not disappoint. Kai has sex with some nameless woman while Rebecca watches, then later touches herself. Is it just us, or does it always feel like Kai and Rebecca are half a step away from having sex with each other?
  • And, of course, the ladies still love Lucas Hood. His latest conquest is Nola Longshadow. Shocker.

Best Lines

Sugar: “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Sugar: “Sooner or later, someone’s gonna figure out who you are. Or at least who you are not.”

What did you think of the “Banshee” Season 2 premiere?

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