obama theview zap2it Barack Obama on 'The View': Presidential or promotional?President of the United States, Barack Obama, appeared on “The View” Thursday (July 29). One of the hot button questions? Is he going to Chelsea Clinton‘s wedding.


Obama cleared up the controversy about his rumored attendence, explaining that there’s not enough room for two presidents with entourages of secret service men. And he wasn’t invited because the Clintons wanted the wedding to be all about Chelsea.

Whew. Glad that’s cleared up. So the big question is why he came on the morning coffee clatch show? He explained that his wife Michelle Obama watches the show.  But some critics wonder if its a good idea for Obama to appear on such a lightweight daytime TV show.

]]>Rosie O’Donnell doesn’t think a sitting president should do fluffy daytime TV. But Obama has also done Ellen DeGeneres’s show, appeared on “Letterman” and the “Tonight Show” and he’s even talked about where LeBron James should play basketball. Not to mention  that promo for George Lopez, perhaps courting the Latino vote? He’s even been in People, fer crying out loud. What do you think? Should he stoop to “View” or is it a smart populist idea?
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead