kanye west kim kardashian barack obama slam gi Barack Obama slams Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Reality star Kim Kardashian and her baby daddy, rapper Kanye West, are a ripoff of the American Dream — or, so says the President of the United States.
Barack Obama gave an interview to Amazon’s Kindle Singles and discussed, among many other pressing topics, a “change in culture” that has made the American Dream he knew and loved unrecognizable. 
Obama says when he was growing up, “there was not that window into the lifestyles of the rich and famous” that America has today. “Kids weren’t monitoring every day what Kim Kardashian was wearing, or where Kanye West was going on vacation, and thinking that somehow that was the mark of success,” Obama explains.
The president has previous called West a “jackass” first in 2009 after the famous Taylor Swift incident at the VMAs, and then again during a 2012 interview.
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