tvfash515 Barbara Corcoran of 'Shark Tank'
At 61, Barbara Corcoran pulls off the near impossible – she’s a pixie and a shark.
An expert investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” which airs Friday, May 20, Corcoran is a regular on TV, explaining the housing market, flashing a huge grin and looking effortlessly polished.
 She describes her style as “easy and simple.”
Corcoran, who could afford to have designers send her outfits and she have an assistant send back rejects, instead treats shopping like a sport.
“I am a speed shopper, and the reason I am able to do it is I shop for color only,” she says.
She often hits the flagship Saks.
“I ice skate two floors there,” Corcoran says. “I walk up one side, down the other. I walk up one aisle, and scan as quickly as I can. I am almost jogging, anything that is bright, a good color for me. At this point in my life, I know what looks good for me. I put on dresses and skirts right over whatever I’m wearing – much to the shock of the people at Saks.”
Corcoran usually wears shifts, and if she loves something may take the time to head to the dressing room, but that’s rare. That approach is appealing to extremely busy women.
As a fair blonde, she seeks “saturated color: bright yellow, bright orange, really strong cobalt blue,” Corcoran says. ” I am shopping for TV. Hot pink – I love hot pink if it has a warm undertone and strong colors.”
Though she wore signature red suits when Corcoran ran her company, she swears she will never again wear red. She stays within the palette that she knows works for her and can mix and match separates.
Corcoran accessorizes, though minimally, and relies on surprisingly inexpensive jewelry.
“I have three pairs of white pearls, I paid $10 for one, the really chunky ones,” she says. “I bought them in Chinatown on a street corner. Another I broke the bank – I paid $120. I have used them for three years. You can’t tell the difference. I always wear pearls, and it lightens your face on air. When I don’t wear pearls, I look dull.”
Corcoran only buys neutral-toned shoes and purses. The shoes also elongate her legs, she says.
“The key is simple-stupid like in anything,” she says. “I own a stable of two white skirts, two white T shirts, which I paid too much for.” Both are Armani. The only other high-end brand Corcoran swears by is a beloved Chanel rain jacket that’s her oldest item of clothing.
Corcoran’s no-fuss approach extends to her hair, which she cut short when she was 23.
“I don’t even own a comb,” she says. “I shower and use conditioner and mess it up. “The big message here is I am very lazy.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler