barbara walters piers egypt Barbara Walters discusses Egypt crisis: 'Isn't it amazing that nobody saw this coming?'One wouldn’t normally consider Barbara Walters to be an expert in foreign affairs, but when you think about the sheer number of political figures she’s interviewed over the years, it’s hard to find a better authority in the world of journalism. Piers Morgan invited Walters to CNN to discuss the chaos going on in Egypt on Wednesday, Feb. 2., noting that Walters is one of few people who can say they’ve met the men behind the crisis.

Though she shrugs off the idea that she’s any kind of authority on the matter, Walters does have plenty to say. “This uprising and everything that’s happened in the middle east that’s been a problem for the last twenty years, more than that, is because Is and the Palestinians have not made their peace. It’s Israel’s fault, say the Arabs. Well, for a change it’s not Israel’s fault and Israel has been very quiet.”

She suggests that if there was ever a time to put a peace treaty between Israel and Palestine on the table, the time is now. “One of the things that people are suggesting is that if there is a time, now, for Israel and the Palestinians to come to terms under this terrible situation, this is the time to do it, because if the ‘wrong people’ get into Egypt they can aggregate that treaty. If that treaty with Israel is broken, then they have no ally there at all. You can’t suddenly say hey, make your peace, but if there’s a time for the Obama administration to say again, behind the scenes, this is the time. You’ve got a little time. Try to do something so that at least you can say to the Arab countries hey, take that off the table.”

Walters says that the U.S. supported Mubarak because of what he did for our national interest, but it’s time to take another look. “I think we have to go beyond what is best for our national interest,”
said Walters. “Again and again we have said what is in our national
interest, and not thought of, because we didn’t really know, what is in
the national interest of the country. Isn’t it amazing that nobody saw
this coming?”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie