barbara walters view gi Barbara Walters: I regret helping out aide to Syrian president
Barbara Walters is saying a big “I’m sorry” for a conflict of interests, this after she admitted trying to help an aide to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad find a job or get into college.
Sheherazad Jaafari, who is also the daughter of the Syrian ambassador to the U.N., was instrumental in helping Walters secure her December 2011 interview with al-Assad. In January 2012, Walters proceeded to reach out to her contacts to help out Jaafari.
The Telegraph reports on Jan. 19, 2012, Walters emailed Jaafari saying, “I wrote to Piers Morgan and his producer to say how terrific you are and attached your resume…Are you still planning to apply to Columbia School of Journalism? Do you want me to do anything on that?”
In a subsequent email to Professor Richard Wald at Columbia, Walters writes, “This young woman, whose resume is attached, is the dtr (daughter) of the Syrian Ambassador to the U.N. She helped arrange my interview with Assad…She is applying to Columbia School of Journalism…Anything you can do to help?”
Walters has since issued a statement regarding her efforts. She says, “In retrospect, I realize that this created a conflict and I regret that.” 
ABC News has not commented on the matter.
Posted by:David Eckstein