Barbara Walters used “The View” as her bully pulpit on Monday (Feb. 3), staunchly defending director Woody Allen in the face of the resurrected allegations by estranged daughter Dylan Farrow that he had sexually assaulted her as a child.

“I know Mia [Farrow,] I have a good relationship with her,” Walters begins. “But I’ve been with Woody many times with his two daughters, he’s got almost a twenty-year-old marriage … I have rarely seen a father as sensitive, and as loving and as caring as Woody is to his daughters. I don’t know about Dylan, I can only tell you about what I’ve seen now, that it’s a good marriage and that he’s a loving, caring father.”

Co-host Jenny McCarthy counters, “She has nothing to gain in coming out and saying this,” to which Walters replies: “Supposedly, she’s very angry. But she’s doing it now because he’s up for an award, so the question is does your personal life interfere with the award?”

Guest co-host Dana Loesch suggests that maybe Dylan chose this time to share her story with the New York Times because it would be the best way to divert attention back her way.

“Or maybe it’s because he’s up for an award!” Walters shouts.

Watch the intense conversation above.

Posted by:Billy Nilles