Barbara Walters was a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday (Nov. 18). But Walters is a tough interview — the woman knows how to not answer a question. Who she hates on “The View” and why she wants to interview Monica Lewinsky? Find out here.

As you can probably tell from the video, one of the things that Walters does not say is who she might dislike on “The View.” It’s a fair question — after 17 years on the air, surely there’s someone that the show’s creator hates, right?

If you believe Walters, she likes all of them. “If we didn’t have this kind of chemistry, if we didn’t like each other, it wouldn’t have lasted,” she told Jimmy Kimmel. The best Jimmy could get out of his guest on the matter? That would be a joke: “I don’t like any of them!” Walters said with a laugh.

Kimmel had better luck finding out which famous people Barbara Walters still wants to interview. Although she mentioned world leaders like the Pope and England’s Queen Elizabeth, the interview Walters really seems to want is a follow-up with a familiar name: Monica Lewinsky.

“Everybody else from that era has been able to move on. Monica has not,” Walters explained. “I would love to interview her again. I don’t know whether she wants to.”

That might be a very interesting interview indeed.

Posted by:Laurel Brown