YiZvZj*w Barbara Walters: ''The Bachelor' is such a degradation to women'

Barbara Walters got into it regarding “The Bachelor” during “The View” Tuesday (March 13), saying that the show is “such a degradation to women.”

Except, when you watch the above video, she never really says why it’s degrading. She does cite how the women say all these wonderful things, these ‘I love yous’ and make scrap books and what not, and then Ben just responds with things like, “That’s nice.”

How is that degrading to the women? First of all, within the confines of the show, the bachelor or bachelorette cannot really get too expressive towards one particular contestant. That’s pretty much a rule of the show.

Secondly, part of the problem Barbara is talking about is Ben himself – he’s kind of a doof, who doesn’t articulate his feelings very well, so that’s not a flaw in the show itself.

Thirdly, this show is not some mandatory thing women are forced to participate in. These women sign up for this, just as the men do every season as well. Nobody’s holding a gun to their heads.

Plenty of people have come out of the franchise shows looking like wonderful people and not at all degraded.

Barbara also seems to argue that “The Bachelorette” is the good one and not degrading, but she has no supporting argument for that either.

It’s really kind of a mystery what she even means.

Do you think “The Bachelor” is degrading? Personally, even when we weren’t married, we wouldn’t have gone on the show. It’s just not our bag. But we don’t think the contestants inherently degrade themselves by participating. Do some of them behave in a way that is less-than-awesome on the show? Certainly. But a lot of the people do not.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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