barbara walters the view retirement rumors gi Barbara Walters to announce impending retirement on 'The View': 'It's time'Barbara Walters has finally admitted that she will announce, definitively, her plans to retire in 2014 on the Monday (May 13) episode of ABC’s “The View.” Walters revealed her plans to the New York Times, telling the publication, “It’s time.”

“I keep thinking of that line from ‘Cabaret,'” Walters says. “‘When I go, I’m going like Chelsea.’ When I go there is not going to be any, ‘Please can I have another appearance?’ I don’t want to do any more interviews. I don’t want to do any other programs. I’m not joining CNN. This is it.”

Walters, who is 83 and has had recent struggles with her health, assures the publication that she isn’t leaving out of frailty. “I am not leaving because I am in ill health,” she declares. “I’m now fine. I had the chickenpox, which is ridiculous. I had never had it when I was a child, but I hugged someone who had shingles. I fell and got bloodied. It was not the chickenpox that was scary, it was the concussion. It was the same thing as Hillary Clinton fainting and falling. Chelsea said she needs to get her mother and me helmets.”

In fact, her decision to leave is spurred by a desire to take advantage of her good health, she says. “I want to leave when I’m still very active and very viable … I want to go someplace and actually see it.”

Walters opened up on what she will, and will not, miss when she walks away from the airwaves for good, saying she knows she’ll find herself missing an outlet for her opinions. “There will be days when I want to weigh in on something and I will have no place to do it except to call a girlfriend,” she admits. “But on the other hand, the rewards are: I can have some fun.”

Posted by:Billy Nilles